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the cat lady : Colours

ʺThe colour today is grey, I can see a bleak horizon. Will it ever change?ʺ

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is batman and some booty acceptable

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and then there’s the swastika shaped building in san diego….

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I could stare for hours at the absolute beautiful desolation of the Red Planet. Curiosity captured this late afternoon image as the sun set during its trek to Mount Sharp on sol 514.

(Image credit: NASA / JPL / Damia Bouic)

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One of the most evil beings in the universe and a Dalek.

he is one of the most evil beings in the universe isn’t he. every persons life he touches, he destroys. i’m not sure who got the worse end of the straw, donna noble or river song…

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Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair

Im fuckin furious 

I need to learn his technique, my braids never come out that good looking. 

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